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How to Halo

What is Halo?

Halo = Music + Ai + Smart Soundscapes = 😌🧘🏽🧠✨

🎹 Our generative-composition-engine (GCE) powers Halo.

Halo's Ai acts as an exploratory collaborator, taking seeds of musical information and doing two key things:

1) Targeting compositions at specific emotional and physiological outcomes guided by the valence and arousal effects of harmonic and rhythmic structures

2) Providing an endlessly unfolding exploration of the space within and outside of these musical structures

TLDR: Music + Ai makes music make the feelings

🙉 Binaural audio targets specific neurological states associated with relaxation, rest, or focus.

Here's how we do it. Different audio wavelengths are sent into the left and right ear. As you listen the brain then entrains itself to the gap between these two frequencies. This enables the targeting of Delta (sleep), Theta (relaxation), Alpha (creativity), or Beta (focus) waves aligned to a user's chosen outcome.

TLDR: Audio waves + brain waves make the mood

🌊 The human brain and body are uniquely responsive to their audio environment.

Studies have shown that the sound environment you immerse yourself in can have a profound impact on your sense of wellbeing, mood, and experience of life. We've built smart soundscapes that set the backdrop for the Halo experience.

These are made of natural sound captures (rain, waves, birds, wind) and evolving coloured noise (white, brown, grey, pink). Each environment is targeted at the user's chosen brain-state outcome and supports relaxation and flow.

TLDR: Smart soundscapes make the chill

The Science

Music & Mood

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Binaural Beats

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